1996 1st International Symposium, Aswan

… already in pre-dynasty times man dared here to produce large sculptures from hard rock. The pharaohnic traces of working can still be seen clearly.

In later times Persians, Greeks and Romans left their traces of their work. Still today the rose granite of Aswan is being exploited.

It can be called a stroke of luck to be able to place sculptures at a place like this


Work from Aswan

Through the rough treatment with a chisel fractured surfaces result which have to run in a way that already in the first stage represents the final shape. This means that the roughest treatment remains as the final surface. Experience showed that a finer touching-up blurs the sketchy impetus rather than making it clearer. The specific characteristics of the material, the breaking and splintering of the stone, the texture of its surface, and the colour already appear at the first strike.