2000, 6th International symposium, Naxos

When I go to a landscape, to work in it, aspects of its geology and history are of great importance for me. Naxos is an island of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea; to a large part it consists of marble. In the 5th century BC a real production of so called Kuroi had developed. Kuroi are statues of young men with archaic looks, depicted in an axial symmetrical striding position. They still clearly show the Old Egyptian influence and are an intermediate stage towards what generally is know as Greek sculpture. In the quarries you can still see rejected, unfinished, begun work pieces, some of them still part of the rock. It was surprising for me to meet with pre-historic figurines who, in their geometrical abstraction, anticipate my own sculptures in an almost uncanny way. For me this was a clear sign of a universal visual language comprehensive of times and cultures.