Further dates
March, 24, 2024, 14:00 to 17:00 Open house
Quarry Leferenz, Am Neuberg 31, 69221 Dossenheim
August, 14 - August, 20, 2023 Sculpture symposium
Mining area, Mayen.


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Several sculptures are currently for sale in the adventure world in the mining field in Lapidea near Mayen.


Sculpture symposium Mayen Sculpture symposium Mayen Sculpture symposium Mayen Sculpture symposium Mayen Sculpture symposium Mayen Sculpture symposium Mayen
July, 20 - July, 30, 2023 Sculptures
exhibition at the hockenheim art association.

Off May, 14 2023 Radiale 2023
Exhibition participation, "Radiale", district archive in Ladenburg

Exhibition Radiale Exhibition Radiale
Off May, 28 2022 Sinnbilder in Stein
Exhibition participation, Summer of sculpture at Pirna

Exhibition Pirna
May, 22, 2022, 11:00 to 17.00 Open house
studio Quarry Leferenz, Am Neuberg 31, 69221 Dossenheim
February, 25 - April, 03, 2022 Exhibition participation
Forum for Art, Heidelberg
further Information
Sculptures in front of the building of the Theodor Springmann foundation.
Hirschgasse 2, Heidelberg, Germany

Group of sculptures Group of sculptures Group of sculptures
December, 07+08, 2019 Workshop, Part 1 and Part 2
In the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museum, Mannheim
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Registration here:
November, 21, 2019 Sculpture Dedication: The Guardian
Little Mountain Park, Mount Vernon, USA
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Der Wächter The Guardian
October, 19, 2019 Open Studios 2019
At that day Studios from Artists of Heidelberg are open from 10:00 to 18:00.
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July, 06 - August, 04, 2019 The figure
Stanford Fata, Knut Hüneke, Cholud Kassem, Philine Maurus, Cordula Meffert, Sophia Rüthel, Karl Heinz Treiber
Forum for Art, Heidelberg Heiliggeiststraße 21
Vernissage: Friday, July, 06, 2019, 20.00 h
November, 04 - December, 03, 2017 Offtime
United installation from: Ron Otter, Susanne Bauernschmitt, Berna Gülerbasli, Christine Schön, Knut Hüneke, Grete Werner-Wesner. Forum for Art, Heidelberg
Vernissage: Freitag, 03. 11. 17 um 20 Uhr
June, 24. - July, 16, 2017 In Serie, Participation, Forum for Art, Heidelberg,
Vernissage: June, 23, 20.00h
April, 28, 2016 Art After Dark, Swakopmund / Namibia

Art After Dark / Swakopmund | Namibia Art After Dark / Swakopmund | Namibia

March, 22 - May, 03 2016 Participation retro perspective: 30 Years - 30 Artists (30 Jahre - 30 Künstler/Innen), Gallery of Volksbank Weinheim eG, Kunstförderverein Weinheim e.V. (Art Foundation)
Kunstförderverein, invitation
March Pietà, Weihe Kreuzweg Seckenheim

Pietà Pietà
November, 29 - Dezember, 20 2015 Participation "Die kleine Form 2", cultural foundation Rhein Neckar Kreis, Stiftskirche Sunnisheim.
August, 23, 2015, 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm Open House, studio Quarry Leferenz, Celtic querns, experimental archaeology.
July, 11, - July, 19, 2015 Official invitation as instructor at the 2015 Camp Brotherhood stone carving symposium, Mount Vernon, Washington State, USA.

For this symposium, his message, and what he wants to teach is pretty straightforward: Hand tool techniques to sculpt hard stone are a useful addition to a carver’s toolkit and makes for a different experience in understanding a stone than those provided by a spinning diamond tool. He was clear that each technique has benefits and none are better or worse than others, just useful at the right time .....
more: Camp Brotherhood stone carving symposium

July, 13, - August, 31, 2014 Solo exhibition of sculptures and drawings at the Manfred-Sauer-Stiftung, Neurott 20, 74931 Lobbach.
Vernissage: July, 13, 2014, 11am

June, 6, - July, 3, 2014 "sportlich" (sportingly), Exhibition, Forum for Art, Heidelberg.
With: Hans Joachim Ahrens, Natalia Berschin, Vera Bonsen, Rolf Buwing, Luitgard Borlinghaus, Hella Ebing, Katja Hess, Knut Hüneke, Gerd Konrad, Ada Mee, Isabell Riederer, Regine Scharf, Karl Heinz Treiber, Felicitas Wiest
Vernissage: Friday, June, 6, 2014, 8pm

the issued works is to argue with the topic „sport " in the broadest sense and to reflect the whole range of the social dimension of sport.
April 2014 Participation in the Cary Art Loop at the Cary Art Center, Cary, NC, USA

Knut Hüneke, Cary Art Loop

Four figures
October, 24, 2013 Lecture in Kinston, USA
German sculptor plies his craft in Kinston
Work stay in the USA, Washington State, Seattle; Development of sculptures from basalt columns with following local group exhibition at November, 11, 2013
August, 17, - August, 24, 2013 Participation in the Symposium on the site of the Roman - Germanic Central Museum
An den Mühlsteinen 7
56727 Mayen
July, 20, - August, 18, 2013 Stein um Stein, Exhibition, Forum for Art, Heidelberg.
With: Ursula Böhler, Luitgard Borlinghaus, Stanford Fata, Knut Hüneke, Vera von Reitzenstein, Walter Mink, Fred Vosseler, Jens Trimpin, Martin Schöneich
Vernissage: Friday, July, 19, 2013
July, 04, - July, 31, 2013 Currently in Seattle, Washington State during the month of July working with Basalt columns from the Columbia River Basin.
February, 20, - May, 01, 2013 Work stay, Desert Breeze Lodge
in Swakopmund/Namibia

Permanent presentation of works.
Oktober, 13, 2012 Solo exhibition of sculptures - small to large formats -
in Swakopmund/Namibia
for opening the Guest Lodge "Desert Breeze".

Project Desert Breeze

Invitation Desert Breeze

Desert Breeze

May, 01 - October, 31, 2012 Solo exhibition in Mühlbach near Eppingen
with large- and small sculptures

Vernissage: 05, 01, 2012, 11 o'clock


October, 29 - December, 4, 2011 Figuration

Group exhibition Knut Hüneke and other artist from Heidelberg

Vernissage: October, 28, 2011 at 8pm

Heidelberger Forum für Kunst e.V.
Heiliggeiststr. 21, 69117 Heidelberg
Öffnungszeiten: Di-So 14-18 Uhr und Do 14-22 Uhr
July, 22 - September, 4, 2011 Pflanzenschauhaus Luisenpark Mannheim


Finissage: September, 4, 2011, 2 pm, Pflanzenschauhaus

August, 21, 2011, 14,00-15,00 o'clock With the artist in the exhibition Luisenpark Mannheim:

KNUT HÜNEKE "From the rock to the figure."

The sculptor will speak in the exhibition about his work and will answer to the questions of its visitors.

June, 25 - July, 17, 2011 Gezeichnet

Exhibition with works of artists from Heidelberg
Heidelberger forum for art
Opening: Friday, 24.06.2011, 20 o'clock
Heiliggeisstr. 21, 69117 HD
Introduction: Prof. Hans Gercke

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  Sculpture park in the museum yard, quarry Leferenz. Inspection on request.
Giant in snow
from: Newspaper "Bergstraesser Anzeiger"