Knut Hüneke, born 1962 in Darmstadt, training as stonemason and sculptor,
married with Beate Biazeck.
1991: Beginning of working in the Dossenheim porphyry quarries. First large-format sculptures from porphyry.
1993: Move to Egypt. Further development of the "sculpture language" in basalt and granite.
1994: First project in the Libyan Desert; group of sculptures near Gebel Qatrani.
1996: Participation in the 1st International Symposium in Aswan / Egypt; several works in the sculpture park there.
1997: Second project in the Libyan Desert; group of sculptures near Fayjum.
1998: Continuation of works in the Dossenheim quarries.
1999: Project of sculptures at the Bergstraße
2000: Participation in the 5th International Symposium on Naxos; exhibition of the sculptures on Naxos and in the Potsdam arts society
2000: Participation in the 2nd Londorf symposium for sculptors; two works in basalt-lava
2000: Stay in Namibia; beginning of the Namibia-Project: sculptures at prehistoric cult places on the granite rocks of the Erongo Mountains
2001: Participation in an exhibition of the Weinheim art society
Second phase of the Namibia Project
2002: Stay in Namibia
Presentation of seven sculptures in Namibian dolerite at the Weinheim arts society
2003: Participation in the happening "fussgänger - tanz urban" (pedestrians - urban dance) at the Heidelberg Stadtgarten
A series of small sculptures for the Rhein-Neckar foundation for the arts
2004: Volcano-park Osteifel: sculptures from basalt-lava
2004: (July 2004 - April 2005) Participation in the travelling exhibition "Dreidimensional" (three-dimensional) of the counties' collections at seven places in Baden-Württemberg
2004: Individual exhibition at the county hospital in Weinheim: "Line and edge - from sketch to sculpture"
2005: Participation in the 2nd Walldorf Art-Prize; prize by the public; purchase of the sculpture.
2006: Public guided tours ("From Rock to Sculpture") through the workplace and studio as part of the event " 20 Years of Dossenheim Art Commission"
2006: Participation in an exhibition of the Herrnsheimer Schlosspark / Worms with one large sculpture from basalt-lava / Eifel and an other one from basalt / Namibia
2006: Participation at the Skulpturenweg (sculpture path) in Buchet / Eifel with a large sculpture from basalt-lava / Eifel and a middle sculpture from basalt / Namibia and three small sculptures from basalt / Namibia in the municipal hall
2007: Exhibition through the city Heidelberg “insights” of art purchases of the years 2005 and 2006 in the "Kurpfälzisches Museum" Heidelberg
2007: Participation in an exhibition of the museum of castle Schwarzenberg, art figura, art price of the city Schwarzenberg, weiß UND schwarz (white AND black)(Juni-Juli 2007)
2007: Participation in an exhibition at Sculpture garden Dilsberg in the context of the 18th Kreiskulturwoche 2007 of the District administration office Rhine-Neckar-region
2007: Exhibition of small sculptures and small plastics out of the art collection of the district Esslingen in the mayor velvet Esslingen
2007: Participation at an exhibition of small plastics in the “Kommandantenhaus Dilsberg” in the context of the 18th Kreiskulturwoche of the Rhine-Neckar-region
2008: Art itinerant exhibition "Zeitfenster", works of artists from the collection of the Rhine-Neckar-region in the context of the 19th Kreiskulturwoche 2008
2008: Participation in an exhibition with a large sculpture in the art project of "Köpfe am Korber Kopf" in Korb
2008: Exhibition of a group of three large sculptures at the day of the "open quarry" in Mackenheim
2009: Solo exhibition, Jagsthausen, castle garden and city hall, large central and small sculptures from basalt and marble
2010: Solo exhibition city hall Heidelberg "sculpture and design"
2010: Shift of the sculpture ensemble for the noise protection wall in Dossenheim
2011: Namibia - new project - Desert Breeze - in Swakopmund
2011: Exhibition participation with drawings; Heidelberger forum for art, "Gezeichnet"
2011: Exhibition of large sculptures in the Luisenpark Mannheim
2011: Exhibition participation with a stone sculpture; Heidelberger forum for art, "figuration" in the area of conflict between abstraction and naturalism
2012: Solo exhibition in Mühlbach near Eppingen
2013: Work stay, USA, Washington State, Seattle; Development of totem pole sculptures and large sized sculptures from basalt
2013: Work stay, USA, North Carolina, Kinston
2014: Solo exhibition of sculptures and sketches at Manfred Sauer Stiftung, Lobbach
2014: Cary Arts Center, Town of Cary, North Carolina, USA
2015: Official invitation as instructor at the 2015 Camp Brotherhood stone carving symposium, Mount Vernon, Washington State, USA.
2016: Exhibition participation Retrospective: 30 Years - 30 Artists, Weinheim.
2016: Participation - Art After Dark, Swakopmund / Namibia.
2017: Exhibition participation with stone sculptures; Heidelberger forum for art, "In Serie".
2017: Exhibition participation with stone sculptures; Heidelberger forum for art, "Offtime".
2018: Establishment of a permanent sculpture workshop in the quarry of the Mayko company / Mayen.
2019: Continuation of the sculptural work in the Vulkaneifel.
2020: Participation in the exhibition "Mein Name ist Mensch", Forum for Art Heidelberg.
2021: Participation in the exhibition NATUR-MENSCH, Forum for Art Heidelberg.
2022: Sculpture summer in Pirna – symbols in stone.
2023: Solo exhibition at the Kunstverein Hockenheim.
2023: Participation in the exhibition ANIMAL Forum Kunst Karlsruhe.
2023: Participation in the LAPIDEA Mayen symposium.
2023: Solo exhibition at the Hamburg Yacht Club.