About this website

Screen resolution

This website has been designed for a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixel. The site can be extended horizontally to up to 1200 pixel. The inner content has been designed flexible. With smaller screen resolution one has to use the scroll borders.


An access-key is a combination of keys which simplifies navigation within the website. The following access-keys are at your disposal on this site:
Alt + 0: Call up of the start-page,
Alt + 3: Current,
Alt + 4: directly to navigation,
Alt + 5: go to the top of the page,
Alt + 6: go to the site-map
Alt + 7: to the content of the page

With Windows and Mozilla, Firefox and Netscape (as of version 6) press: Alt + accesskey.
With Firefox as of version 2.0: Alt + shift + accesskey
Internet Explorer with Windows: Alt + accesskey + enter
Opera (as of version 7) with Windows: Shift + esc + acccesskey
Macintosh and Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape: Strg + accesskey
Macintosh and Internet Explorer: Strg + accesskey + enter
Macintosh and Opera: Shift + esc + accesskey
Macintosh and Safari: Strg + accesskey
Linux and Konqueror as of version 3.4: Alt + Accesskey


When using this site with a keyboard, skip-links are available. These lead you (when pressing the enter-key) directly to the content, to navigation or to the site-map.
This doesn't function with the Opera browser. With Internet Explorer the enlarged pictures in the galleries can not be aimed at with the focus.

Enlarging letters and contrast

There are two buttons (large and normal) if you want to enlarge letters. As this is being enabled by a small Java-script, it only works with activated Java-script. If you have allowed for the placing of cookies, the chosen script-size will be maintained on the other pages of the site, too. The contrast will be changed (background black, characters white) when pressing the Large-button.
With the Internet Explorer 5 the large characters will be called only from the next page on.
When you aim at a single picture of a picture-gallery and want to change the size of characters, this will only become effective from the next page on.
Should you want several grades of character-size, this can be done through the adjustments of your browser:
If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, adjust the font size using the option 'Text Size' from the pull-down menu 'View'. For Netscape Navigator, Mozilla and Firefox, adjust the font size using the key combination 'Ctrl +' and 'Ctrl -'. For Opera, use the option 'Zoom' from the pull-down menu 'View'.

Specific features

As this site has been designed with CSS, older browsers which can not or not correctly show this, these browsers have been excluded.
Internet Explorer 4 and Netscape 4: These browsers only show the content without design. Internet Explorer 5 shows a simplified version of the picture-galleries. Visitors who browse with Opera or Safari have to keep the mouse-key pressed when calling pictures in the galleries.

Some CSS-scripts on this site (especially the picture-galleries) were being taken from the site
http://www.cssplay.co.uk/Button css play
by S. Nicholls. These scripts have been adjusted and / or changed for this site.