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Off 05, 28, 2022
Sinnbilder in Stein, Exhibition participation, Summer of sculpture at Pirna

Indigenous formations in the Erongo mountains

2000 - 2002 sculpture project in Namibia.

Black dolerits from the Karroo-formation transformed into sculptures.

Three stone-beings were positioned in the spring 2002 on the foothills of the Erongo mountains near Omaruru, Namibia.

With them a place of silence and contemplation created at a prehistoric site of the vanished Bushman culture.

The aim if this environment is not to revive old myths; it rather asks the question, to what extent mythical concepts still occupy modern man, too.

Despite all technological progress the big questions of mankind, occupying us since the beginning of our development, still remain unanswered.

As ever the universe eludes the human striving for knowledge; we don't know what's beyond our short span of life.

The land-art project at Omaruru will point at these questions - an answer is not possible. Several rock drawings nearby indicate past attempts to find an answer [archeology].

Three sculptures, they are made from the black, fine-grained dolerit of the Karroo formation, a geological [geology] specialty of Southern Africa. This stone forms an intensive color-contrast to the yellow granite rocks of the Erongo.

Thus another attraction will be added to the surroundings of Omaruru.