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Open house, Quarry Leferenz, Am Neuberg 31, 69221 Dossenheim

Exhibition in Buchet

Sculpture path at the parish hall

July 8 - September 14, 2006

Participation with one large sculpture in basalt-lava (Eifel), another one in basalt (Namibia)
and several small sculptures at the parish hall.

The exhibition opening is on Saturday, July 8, 2006, at 17.00 o'clock.
Hauptstrasse 17
54608 Buchet


A work....


sculpture very closely Part of the sitting guard of the Eifel in Buchet
Dimensions: 1083kg, H 123cm, W 100cm, D 80cm

Sculptures in Buchet

Sculpture: Resting fighter
Resting fighter
Sculpture: Small Herero
Small Herero
Sculpture: Emile
Sculpture: Lying on the side
Lying on the side